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Hi, my name is Jackie and I am a happily married mother of two handsome boys. I am a primary school teacher, but currently I have the amazing and very busy job of being a full time stay at home mum. My husband and I are very interested and involved in house renovations and rental properties. When I have the time, I enjoy reading, gardening, walking and sewing. I also love writing and am very excited to be an author here on inscribd.com

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41 Short Inspirational Quotes To Get You Motivated
Short inspirational quotes have the power to motivate us to complete that unfinished project, start a new one, or just simply power through our daily workload. Stick these short inspirational quotes up on your wall.
CATEGORY: Inspiration

20 Sir Richard Branson Quotes On Business And Leadership
Sir Richard Branson is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur! Many of us aspire to be as creative, inventive and successful as he’s been and we can learn a little something from Richard Branson quotes.
CATEGORY: Inspiration

7 Essential Tips From Famous Entrepreneurs
Famous entrepreneurs are great at making commitments, making decisions, finding niches, selling their products and taking smart risks. Here are some great tips to help small business entrepreneurs hone their mindset.
CATEGORY: Inspiration

The Most Dangerous Bacteria You Touch Everyday
Studies have found that the toilet can be up to 150 times cleaner than a phone or the keyboard. Some of the most dangerous bacteria can be found on every day objects, some of which you may be touching right now.
CATEGORY: Technology

Tony Robbins Quotes 15 Ways To Embrace Your Unlimited Power Within
Tony Robbins is one of the best known motivational speakers the world over. Tony Robbins quotes from his interviews and seminars has encouraged thousands, if not millions of entrepreneurs to achieve high levels of personal greatness. Read on for some of his words of wisdom.
CATEGORY: Inspiration

Fax Via Internet Saves Your Business Money And The Environment Too
Fax via internet has revolutionized the business world, just the same as when fax machines were first introduced. Many offices still use this redundant technology and online services have brought faxing into the 21st Century. Even if you need to send and receive fax documents, you no longer need a fax machine. Just an online fax provider and an email address.
CATEGORY: Technology

The Best Alternative To Dropbox For Cloud File Sharing
Cloud based file storage, such as Dropbox is rapidly taking the place of the hard drives on our PC’s, laptops and portable media devices. You may be searching for an alternative to Dropbox and there are many available with equal features, packages and storage capacity.
CATEGORY: Technology

Why You Should Cut Your Business Credit Cards In Half
Multiple business credit cards are widely used to fund project start-up costs, pay bills, pay debt and fund day to day expenses. On average, two business credit cards are used by small businesses, often with co-owners having access to one each. Cut that in half! It will save you money and hassle.
CATEGORY: Make Money

6 Adwords Alternative Networks To Spend Your Ad Dollars Better
While Google’s Adwords remains the most popular Pay Per Click (PPC) based advertising network, the high minimum bid price $1+ per click is making some of us look for a cheaper Adwords alternative to promote our products and services. There are many other advertising networks to choose from and most offer better cost efficiencies too.
CATEGORY: Make Money

5 Windows Media Player Alternative Applications That Dont Chew CPU
Microsoft have bundled Windows Media Player into the operating system, so you can start watching videos without installing extra software. However, finding a Windows Media Player alternative will not only allow you to play a wider variety of video formats, but in many cases, also give you a better viewing experience.
CATEGORY: Technology

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